Top 10 Things You Should Know About Your MRSPFitness Training Program

1.You can control the intensity of each workout with your own effort.

Workouts at MRSPFitness are designed for everyone to be able to participate at what level you feel comfortable and be able to become more flexible, stronger and lose weight at your own tempo. Regardless of your fitness level you will be able to see substantial gains or losses depending on the class, or type of training you choose.

2.Pain increases cortisol and cortisol increases body fat. There is no benefit to working out in pain. Avoid the painful patterns and train the non-painful patterns.

Here at MRSPFitness I am able to take you through an assessment by watching you as you go through our Mobility Exercises and Dynamic Warm Up to see where we should regress you on certain exercises and circuit training regiments. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great tool that I use to implement corrective exercise, balance training and core conditioning.

3.Soreness is ok, but it’s not marker of a good workout. Just because you aren’t’ sore the next day, don’t think that you didn’t train smart

The functional workouts that we do here are based more on functional movements and everyday movements to help imitate real life situations that will have you feeling better and stronger. Weather its carrying a Kettle Bell to imitate you carrying your babies car seat or picking up a heavy bag from the floor.

4.Stacking fitness on top of dysfunction will only lead to injury or plateau. That is why we use the FMS screen to find your dysfunctions and work on cleaning up your weakest links

The Functional Movement Screen helps us to see what limitations you may have that may be stopping you from performing at your best. Here at MRSPFitness we do assessments during the afternoon so that we can see where your imbalances are and correct them so you will be more successful in your training and everyday life.

5.Overtraining is a major contributor to lack of results and people quitting training. If you workout more than 3 times per week, it is highly recommended to take a recovery week every 5-6 weeks and do light training or complete rest.

It is just as important to rest as it is to workout and have the proper nutrition to be successful in reaching your goals. Your bodies muscles and joints and tissue needs time to recover so you can be on your way to a healthier you.

6.Lifting weights will not make women bulky!! It will make you strong and lean. Not lifting weights will make you frail and skinny-fat.

Enough said

7.You get much better results from doing a less challenging exercise in good form than you will from a more challenging progression in bad form. Form before intensity

8.If your goal is fatloss, it’s important to know that you typically can’t out- train a bad diet

Nutrition is the key. If you take care of your diet in the kitchen and keep a well balance workout program, success is next.

9.Recovery is just as important as the workout. A good post workout meal, 7-8 hours of sleep, stress reduction, and tissue quality work are essential to a balanced program

10. We are not going to do any sit-ups and crunches. Your lumbar spine is made to stabilize, not flex and extend repeatedly under load. We do stabilization exercises for the core, and if your form is right you are working your core on EVERY exercise that we select. Core training at it’s best is trying to maintain good posture under a load or force that is trying to alter that posture.