Mikhael’s high energy environment and planned creative workouts motivated me each session so I experienced better results than when I trained on my own. I had fun when I was working out and I believe this is the key to staying with an exercise program and ultimately achieving your fitness goals. Mikhael is very professional and pays extreme attention to form and technique, so I didn’t have to worry about getting injured. He consistently provided support and encouragement for me to make it through each session and improve each time. Mikhael pushed me to do my best!- Robyn Matz, San Diego, CA

I am a private teacher for a high profile family. I first met Mikhael when he was assigned to help me with my own weight loss and fitness goals. Having trained with him on several occasions I recognized his dedication, motivation and professionalism would make a positive contribution to our home school. We arranged for Mikhael to take our two boys (ages 11 and 13) for their physical training sessions. Using his unique and exhilarating classes, Mikhael certainly showed the boys how much fun exercise could be. I witnessed the boys grow not only in their strength, posture and fitness but also in their self esteem and general behaviour. ‘Big Mikhael’ gained their respect and affection very quickly with both boys wanting to impress him with what they could do.I thoroughly recommend Mikhael to anyone seeking a reliable, knowledgeable and professional personal trainer as he has his clients needs upper most in his delivery.- Louise Taylor 2011, @LouisahT

Coach Mikhael will push you past any limit that you might have thought you had. He’s a great man and friend. He will kick your butt but he will give you all of the encouragement in the world to get through his tough workouts. He’s truely one of a kind and I’ve never experienced the kind of workouts he put me through. You are getting someone that really knows his stuff. He won’t just tell you what to do but he will participate in the drills also. No matter how hard the workouts were, I just kept wanting to come back because he creates a fun and competitive atmosphere and you know you’re going to be in the best shape possible. For all of you athletes out there Mikhael Ricks is the man. He’s played in the NFL so whats better than training with someone that has been at the highest level of his profession. Let him take your game to the next level. – Demetrus Patterson Los Angeles, CA

Mikhael was instrumental in kick-starting my fitness goals after recovering from a knee micro-fracture surgery. He was knowledgeable about my injury and customized workouts accordingly. I learned new circuits and techniques that I was able to implement when working out alone. Overall, I appreciated his expertise, professionalism and fun attitude to help me meet my goals.
Corrine Floyd- Miami, FL

TRX is an amazing total body, functional training workout for people of all levels. Mikhael Ricks is a great trainer. He combines just enough inspiration with careful attention to proper form to ensure you get a challenging yet safe workout. The studio is clean, bright, spacious, and well-equipped, a pleasant environment all around! I’m in. –Kelly Reid-Miami, FL

I love Mikhael. He pushes me beyond my own imagination! He finds your strengths even when you think you don’t have any! #highlyrecommended #putfoottoass
#workhardorgohome- Davina Kemp-Miami, FL

This is a great place to work out.  Why go to a crowded big box gym with a dozen random trainers when you can train in a private facility with an experienced trainer who is also the owner.  Mikhael has experience training hard himself (an NFL veteran) as well as training everyone from other professional athletes to everyday people like myself. Like any trainer, he will tailor a program for your goals.  However, he will also tailor it for any injuries or issues you have.  I’ve had a nagging shoulder injury for 5 years, which is getting better and better by doing the RIGHT exercises in the RIGHT way.  He also varies the workouts every time, which helps keep it interesting.  Finally, he keeps a great attitude and sense of humor through it all.- Chris L.-Miami, FL