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Setting Up Your Goals for 2017

Let’s start the New Year off right and with INTENTION. Time to get creative! Have you ever heard of a vision board?! Whether you said yes or no- your challenge this week is to MAKE ONE! So what is a vision board? A vision board is basically a board (made out of poster or cork) where you post meaningful pictures or words that represent goals, attributes, or things you would like to attract and work towards in your life. I believe in being proactive rather than reactive in your life. Part Read more [...]

How to Get Leaner With Protein

Get Leaner with Protein Weight Loss tips: Protein has always been promoted by muscle heads as the key to getting it. While the extreme amounts of protein consumed by some bodybuilders is unnecessarily extreme, the research has shown time and time again that more protein is better when it comes to fat loss. One study found that after 8 weeks, people who ate more protein lost an extra 2.8lbs of fat. Another study found that following a higher protein diet for 12 weeks led to an additional 1.5lbs Read more [...]

Why I Am Not A Fan of The Smith Machine

The Smith Machine has been one of the biggest mistakes in strength training equipment. This may sound like a contradiction since almost every gym and even some rehabilitation facilities now have them for their people to use.  My biggest problem with the Smith Machine is that people are convinced they are still doing free weight movements when they perform exercises on the Smith Machine. Have you ever tried to settle yourself under a smith machine bar and try to do squats with no weights on Read more [...]


5 Simple Ways to Substitute Lower Carb Foods for Higher Carb Foods   The simplest and most effective way to enhance your weight loss efforts is to eat fewer carbohydrates. To reap the weight loss and health benefits of a lower carb diet, you don’t need an extremely low-carb ‘Atkins-style’ diet. Instead, you can make a couple of easy substitutions, by switching from starchy and grain-based carbs to their unassuming vegetable counterparts.    In addition to the weight loss benefit Read more [...]


Put together is a TRX class that I use here at MRSPFitness during my TRX TOTAL BODY DESTRUCTION CLASS.  Find below the order from Warm Up to Mobility and Movement Prep, Strength and Metabolic Finishers. SMR (Foam Roll, LAX Ball, Softball, PVC) 5-10 rolls or 30 seconds each -This is a self myofacial release technique to get the knots out of certain muscles you may neglect to stretch or cool down before and after workouts. 1. Piriformis (outer Glutes) 2. IT Band (Outer Thigh) 3. Adductor Read more [...]