About MRSP Fitness

MRSP Fitness was created for people that want to push themselves to their limits. These people aren’t satisfied with going to the gym and spinning on a bike or jogging on a treadmill for an hour. They want to be taken out of their comfort zone. Mikhael has created proven programs that will provide the results you’re looking for whether it’s to build muscle and lose fat or to build physical and mental toughness.

What will inspire people to train at his facility?


MRSPFitness offers a state of the art indoor workout facility. The facility is designed to cater to all fitness levels from beginner to expert.


MRSPFitness is not a cookie cutter facility. We will not post a workout on the wall and leave you to figure it out. We get to know you as an individual. Everyone was not created the same. Each of us has different needs and wants. Mikhael will create a custom workout that will elicit the changes you are looking for, providing it through one-on-one and group training. He is not all about the physical component but the mental aspect as well going after the “Mind/Body” connection.


Mikhael is very proud of his custom facility and takes pride in using it to mold his clients into the athletes they strive to become.



You can stop by MRSP Fitness to sign up for a class or sign up online.  We offer a special $25 for 2 classes for first timers!