Light Weight = Oxymoron

The word “light weight” is an oxymoron. If you want to burn fat that surrounds your muscle and get a muscular look, why would anyone lift light weight? When I have some clients come in and lift weights they will usually ask for 8 pounds or 12 pounds weights (which don’t exist at MRSPFitness), and I a sky why would you want to train with that weight instead of going up to 10 pounds or 15 pounds? The answer, “I don’t want to get too big” For a male that is bodybuilding the natural way, it would take up to a whole year to gain 10 pounds of muscle, so a eight lb toting mamma will not have to worry about getting too muscular (hypertrophy).

When training I like to emphasize doing one or two exercises that work with a desired movement pattern as opposed to doing 4-5 exercises for one body part. Also doing some of the most difficult exercises i.e.(pull ups, push ups, bench press, squats) are the ones that are most beneficial for us. The body doesn’t always like a good taste of hard work, sometimes at first it will hurt, but the body will adjust and you will see the benefits.