Holy H.I.I.T Workout

This is a workout I do once a week to work on cardio and muscular endurance. With the whole Professional Athlete background I have, I feel the need to push myself to see if “I still got it”. With that in mind I’m going to share with you my WOW (Workout Of the Week)

There is a main resistance exercise followed by a cardio exercise that you do back to back. When the reps go down, you add more weight. On the last set, try to finish with the same weight you started with. You do not rest until you finish the total superset, which means take the least amount of time possible to rest bouncing back and fourth. If you have a heart rate monitor, this would be the time to use it.

1. Dumbbells
2. Jump Rope (if you don’t have one you can do jump rope motion with your hands)
3. Row machine
4. TRX
5. Stability Ball
6. Treadmill

1A. DB Bench Press (22,12,10,8,22)
1B. Jump Rope 4 x 200 reps
– rest 2:00 –
2A. DB Front Squats (22,12,10,8,22)
2B. Versa Climber 4 x :30 sprints – or – High Knee runs with hands overhead 4 x :30
– rest 2:00 –
3A. DB Curls (22,12,10,8,22)
3B. Row (Indorow or Concept 2) 4 x 800 meters – or – Jumping Jacks for 4 x :60
– rest 2:00-
4A. Hamstring Curls (TRX or Stability Ball) (22,12,10,8,22)
4B. Jump Rope 4 x 150 High Knee Runs
– rest 2:00 –
5A. DB Incline Press (22,12,10,8,22)
5B. TRX or Bodyweight Squat Jumps 4 x 50
– rest 2:00 –
6A. DB Bent Over Row (22,12,10,8,22)
6B. Treadmill Sprints 4 x :45 at 8% incline

Cool Down and Stretch
Have a protein shake and make sure you are hydrating. Also if you have some amino’s to consume in your water, please sip on while training.

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Mikhael Ricks
Owner of MRSPFitness.