Good day workout fanatics

I would like to thank those that came out and participated in Organized Chaos today. It was an intense class of 90 minutes of Foam Rolling, Mobility Exercises (Shoulders and Hips), Dynamic Warm Ups and then a TRX and Strength Circuit followed by Core Exercises that depleted the participants today, but would love the way they felt and take their fit body down to the beach and show it off afterwards.

The one thing that I have realized from being opened this short amount of time is that when you specialize in something that someone needs that you master your craft at that and don’t change your image, values or beliefs for anyone. Sometimes its good for some people to keep up with the fads for a quick buck to keep business rolling, but when you are passionate about something and you believe that what you have to offer is worth it, then you continue to do what you are best at doing.

I wanted to share my workout with you that I did today with my members today and maybe you can shoot this information over to a friend that lives in the Miami area that could benefit from a great workout and a overall lifestyle change because here at MRSPFitness we also coach individuals on the necessary nutrition, workouts and mind-body changes they have to be in tune with to make a change in their way of living.

Also March 31st, the schedule at MRSPFitness will be changing to help accommodate members with more 9:00 am classes, classes from 6:00-8:00 pm Monday through Thursday and two classes for Young Athletes 2 times in the evening. So please be on the lookout for these changes and an official Grand Opening with some of the surrounding businesses in the North Miami Area.

Here is the workout that we did today.

Warm Up:

Jump Rope – 1 minute
Power Band Low Walk – 20 yards (Down and Back)
Power Band Squat with Lateral Step – 20 yards (Down and Back)
Arm Circle (Fwd/Bwd) – (Micro-Medium-Giant) – 10 each direction

Elbow to Instep – 20 yards
Butterfly Squat – 12 reps
Heel to Toe – 10 each

Quad Stretch Walking – 20 yards
Knee Hug Walking – 20 yards

Prone Trail Leg – 10 each
Prone Abduction – 10 each
Prone Scorpion – 10 each


TRX Squat (:45)
TRX “Y” To “T” (:45)
TRX Lateral Squats – Alternate (:45)
TRX Inverted Row (:30)
TRX Triceps Press (:30)
TRX Sprinters Run (:60)
TRX Reverse Lunge to Balance (:30 each)
TRX Biceps Curl (:30)
High Knee Run in Place with Fwd and Bwd Movement (:60)

Rest 2:00 then repeat one more time


Toe Touch and Twist w/ Medicine Ball (12 each)
*squat reach down to right toe and press and twist with a reach above left shoulder*

DB Step Up w/ Knee Drive on Box (20″-24″) (12 each)

DB Floor Chest Press (20)

DB Renegade Row (10 each)

DB Split Squat (12 each)

DB Military Press (20)
*from boat pose position*

Box SL Hip Press (20″-24″) (15 each)

Rest 2:00 then repeat one more time


TRX Plank (:30)
TRX Knee Tucks (10)
TRX Pike (10)

Do exercises in succession without stopping. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

Hope you enjoy this workout and feel free to leave comments at the bottom or email me at

Mikhael Ricks
Owner of MRSPFitness