What you eat and when you eat is critical to our success of building a leaner body.  To ensure you stick to a schedule look at week one before you start and fill your cupboards, fridge and freezer with all the foods you’ll need that week.  Not having the right foods on hand will make it impossible to stick to a plane and have you reaching towards fast food options.

Follow these rules when following a nutrition plan:


1. LEAN MEAT FOR BREAKFAST. Eating lean meat for breakfast is one of the best things you can do when wanting to lose weight.  Meat allow for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar levels, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer so you aren’t tempted to read for sweets to boost energy by mid morning.  It also provides a big dose of protein first thing, which helps repair the damage done to  your muscles through training, and improves focus so you are more determined to stick to the diet plan throughout the rest of the day.

2. PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL. As mentioned people on a high protein diet find it easier to lose weight, and it’s almost impossible to eat too much.  Almost every meal should contain a source of high quality lean protein to ensure you get enough each day to repair your muscles, while burning fat.

3. PLENTY OF FRESH VEGETABLES. Along with protein, vegetable should form a significant part of each meal roughly half, in fax.  Vegetables are high in antioxidants and many essential vitamins and minerals to keep you fighting sickness and staying full of fibre which will also help you feel full long after eating.  Vegetables are also very low in calories.

4. CARBS AROUND TRAINING. Most of the carbs in meal plans are to be eaten around your workouts.  This is because carbs allow you to recover from training faster, and it’s important you are fully energized for each session so you can push yourself.  Choose carbs that rank low on the glycemic index which means they don’t raise blood sugar levels too rapidly so your body is constantly in the best state to burn fat.

5. PLENTY OF WATER. Dehydration leads to poor focus and lack of motivation.  These things can cause you to make poor food choices and perform badly when training so aim to drink two to three liters a day, and more on training days.  Water also flushes toxins and waste from your body, making you more efficient and helping you get fitter and leaner.

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