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What you eat and when you eat is critical to our success of building a leaner body.  To ensure you stick to a schedule look at week one before you start and fill your cupboards, fridge and freezer with all the foods you'll need that week.  Not having the right foods on hand will make it impossible to stick to a plane and have you reaching towards fast food options. Follow these rules when following a nutrition plan:   1. LEAN MEAT FOR BREAKFAST. Eating lean meat for breakfast Read more [...]

Why Should Women Lift Weights?

Why should women lift weights? It's a question that still comes up and time again the subject makes me laugh when women ask, so I'll explain the most efficient way that I can. The mast majority of women continue to believe that lifting weight is only for men. The fact is women won't bulk up. Females are not genetically geared towards muscle mass, mainly due to a lack of testosterone. Some women do put on more muscle than others but how much can be controlled by calorie intake. If you eat too much, Read more [...]

Metabolic Workouts

Metabolic workouts can best be described as brief bouts (30-90 sec) of intense strength training combined with brief bouts on intense cardiovascular training.  These workouts are usually done in a circuit wit little to no rest in between exercises.  When done correctly metabolic workouts produce outstanding results in strength, stamina and body composition. At MRSPFitness we specialize in metabolic workouts.  About 99% of our clients workout for 60 minutes including warm up and in that time Read more [...]