Monthly Archives: September 2014

High Intensity Interval Training and Workout

For quite a while it has been accepted that low intensity cardio (treadmill, stair master, elliptical machine) for long periods of time was the best for burning fat. According to many studies out there this method burned the calories primarily from fat. Over time, this theory has been disproven, and a more effective method of cardio has arisen. The best cardio in my opinion for burning off stubborn and unwanted body fat is called High Intensity Interval Training and Explosive movements in strength Read more [...]

Single Leg Strength Training

It was not until I had both my ACL's reconstructed and had to commit to doing physical therapy everyday for months to regain my strength and speed, I did not realize the importance of Single Leg Training. This part of training is often ignored in programs but I found out is essential to the improvement of speed and the prevention of injury. Single leg strength is the essence of lower body strength. I mean when we sprint, walk up stairs or even walk, we have one foot in contact with the ground; not Read more [...]

Light Weight=Oxymoron

The word "light weight" is an oxymoron. If you want to burn fat that surrounds your muscle and get a muscular look, why would anyone lift light weight? When I have some clients come in and lift weights they will usually ask for 8 pounds or 12 pounds weights (which don't exist at MRSPFitness), and I a sky why would you want to train with that weight instead of going up to 10 pounds or 15 pounds? The answer, "I don't want to get too big" For a male that is bodybuilding the natural way, it would take Read more [...]