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Problems with Crunches and the Better Alternative

Some people believe that crunches are the key to getting flat abs, a "six pack" or chiseled midsection. Crunches seem to be the most iconic abdominal exercise, but when you do crunches this may not be the best way to slim down your mid section. When you do "crunches" they don't burn off a lot of calories and they don't help a great deal in weight loss. Crunches will tone a small portion of your abs (upper abdominals), but to get the full effect you need to do more moves that involve more of you distal Read more [...]

Good day workout fanatics

I would like to thank those that came out and participated in Organized Chaos today. It was an intense class of 90 minutes of Foam Rolling, Mobility Exercises (Shoulders and Hips), Dynamic Warm Ups and then a TRX and Strength Circuit followed by Core Exercises that depleted the participants today, but would love the way they felt and take their fit body down to the beach and show it off afterwards. The one thing that I have realized from being opened this short amount of time is that when you Read more [...]

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Your MRSPFitness Training Program

1.You can control the intensity of each workout with your own effort. Workouts at MRSPFitness are designed for everyone to be able to participate at what level you feel comfortable and be able to become more flexible, stronger and lose weight at your own tempo. Regardless of your fitness level you will be able to see substantial gains or losses depending on the class, or type of training you choose. 2.Pain increases cortisol and cortisol increases body fat. There is no benefit to working Read more [...]