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It seems like now-a-days a lot of people call themselves “personal trainers”.

It’s easy to talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

My name is Mikhael Ricks and I consider myself a “Fitness Coach”. I have spent my entire adult life studying how the body works and what it takes to optimize what you have been born with. Whether it’s gaining muscle while losing fat, or getting ready to tackle your favorite sport, I can and will fine tune you so that you are ready both physically and mentally to take on any challenge ahead of you. In my day, I played a very high level of sport and became a champion, not because I am blessed with athletic gifts, but because I worked hard and discovered just what it took to achieve the results I was seeking.

I train my clients using a fresh approach. I don’t believe in repeating the same workouts again and again. Instead, we will vary the training sessions based on what we decide as a team will help you achieve your goals.

mrsp-homeSome of our training will involve weights to build strength, some will involve speed workouts to improve speed and agility, while other workouts will involve aerobics to improve your lung capacity while shedding unwanted body fat, and of course some workouts will concentrate on flexibility.We will sit down and discuss your goals and objectives. Together we will come up with a game plan that involves both training and nutrition. Together we will transform your body and mind into the champion that is inside of you. It takes the right trainer to make that happen. I am your trainer. Let’s get started!

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